Introducing Visionary Velocity

Launch Special: For the first five enrollees, the Velocity program is only $500, instead of the $3,000 normal price.

This program is exclusively for solopreneurs and business owners. If you are interested, apply below.

You’ve told yourself a million times you need to be more proactive to move your business forward. But deep-down, you know you just don’t know how – you know everything about your business but as the business has grown, you don’t know how to leverage your time, so you spend more and more time working in your business.

Don’t miss out on the things in life that matter. The problem isn’t you – it’s that you need a better game plan, one that fits with your super-driven nature and doesn’t hold you back.

Does Any Of This Sound Like You?

❌ You Are Constantly Fighting Fires

It seems like nothing important ever gets done because all you do is solve problems and fight fires.

❌ You Feel Alone

You have nobody to talk to, nobody to brainstorm with, and no one to hold you accountable.

❌ You Only Win New Clients by Cutting the Price

Your offering looks just like everyone else’s. You know you need to differentiate your business, but how?

❌Missing Moments While Making It?

Your mind’s on work, even during family time. You’re building a business, but are you building memories too?

❌ You Have No System

You aren’t intentional with planning because you don’t know how. Every time you’ve tried planning it has failed.

If yes, and you’re tired of it – join me, and let’s unlock a new level of efficiency, effectiveness, and enjoyment for your life.

Hi, there – I’m Craig Paxson

I think you and I both aren’t into sob stories, so I just quickly want to let you know that I get it.

I was CEO of an $8 million business, and it seemed I couldn’t finish everything. Meetings, shifting priorities (and I was the CEO!), and constant interruptions.

I studied every book I could –
Getting Things Done, The 12-Week Year, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. They all had something I liked but didn’t fit exactly what I needed. They were either too focused on task management, too high-level, or too focused on “values.” Nothing translated the company results into what I had to do every day.

So, I created my own system.

For myself and all the other hyper-driven solopreneurs and business owners who know there’s more to life and are ready to unlock intentionality to have it all.

Introducing: The Visionary Results System

The Visionary Results System goes beyond task management, giving you the power to define how your business will succeed and you to define how YOU will succeed. Embrace your business and life – find the time and accomplishment you want.

Join my Coaching Program: A 13-Week Intensive To Transform The Way You Work And Live

I will teach you the Visionary Results System, and you will get community and accountability, plus UNLIMITED, On-Demand Coaching Sessions with me.

The Visionary Results System

Q: What is Visionary Velocity?

Visionary Velocity is a transformative coaching program for solopreneurs and business owners! Wave goodbye to the chaos of no plan, constant firefighting, and solo struggles. Embrace a world where every week is a step towards your goals, leading to triumphant 90-day results. Unlock the secrets to more income and less stress.

Q: Who is this for?

Although all business owners and leaders could benefit from Visionary Coaching, the program is designed for Solopreneurs, Business Owners/CEOs/Visionaries, and COOs/Integrators/Seconds-in-Command with 50 or fewer employees.

Q: What is the Visionary Results System?

Phase 1: Win Your Week

Together we will design a custom schedule that prioritizes tasks aligned with your strategy and plan. Say goodbye to fear-driven work and hello to a schedule that truly reflects what you want to accomplish.We start by reviewing last week – what went well and what didn’t. Then, we plan the week and discover techniques you can use to ensure you get everything done!

What you’ll get: Schedule template + customization guide and feedback.

Phase 2: Plan Your Quarter

Discover what to do each quarter to move your business forward. We will start by reviewing the year so far and setting quarterly objectives. Then, we will move to creating your Quarterly Initiatives – projects that will move your business forward.

What you’ll get: KPI Scorecard, Initiative Planning Template.

Phase 3: Create Your 3-Year Vision

We’ll define why prospects should choose you instead of your competitors. No more competing on price or beating the bushes for new clients.We will also define exactly what you want to accomplish this year and in the next three years. Your revenue, profit, and the priorities you want to accomplish.Then, we will figure out EXACTLY what you need to accomplish those priorities and win in the market. We will determine what you need to do daily and the right KPIs to track your progress.

What you’ll get: Vivid Vision, Value Proposition, and Priority Planning worksheets, Business Capabilities Matrix™.

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Q: How does it work?

Step 1: We will have a 15-minute onboarding call to ensure you have access to all the tools and understand how to schedule your unlimited coaching sessions.

Step 2: You will go through the Velocity training to start creating your annual and quarterly plan.

Step 3: We will have a one-hour session to review and fine-tune your plan.

Step 4: You participate in the weekly group coaching calls to ensure you stay on track.

Step 5: You schedule UNLIMITED, On-Demand coaching sessions with me to ensure you execute your plan.

Q: What happens after the 13-week intensive?

After the first 13 week intensive, you can continue your access to the Academy, group coaching calls, and group accountability.

You will also receive a quarterly planning session with Craig.

Q: What is UNLIMITED, On-Demand Laser Coaching?

Laser Coaching includes UNLIMITED, On-Demand 15-minute coaching sessions.

  • This coaching is live one-on-one coaching with Craig. We meet by video or phone and agree on homework to move you forward.

  • You can schedule as many 15-minute laser coaching sessions as you wish, but you must complete your homework before scheduling your next session. You can also reach out via email if you need help with the homework or have another call if you need new homework.

Q: What are Check-Ins?

Check-ins are the primary tool the group uses to communicate in Visionary Coaching. At their core, Check-ins are asynchronously shared status updates that show what you are focusing on, what you need, and how you feel.

Knowing who’s working on what for individual group members, recognizing opportunities to unblock others, and staying connected to the cohort can be a real challenge. Check-ins keep everyone aware of and engaged with what’s happening. The increased visibility into colleagues’ tasks makes it easier to provide feedback, resolve issues, and share necessary context to keep work moving forward.

What goes into a Check-in

Four components comprise a Check-in: How do you feel today, Plan, What happened, and Connect with the group.

  1. How do you feel today? — Take a moment to reflect on how you’re showing up on a given day using green, yellow, or red, and add an emoji to contextualize your mood. For example, if you were up late the night before, you might check-in as ? ?

  2. Plan — What do you plan to do this week? What are you working on next? We recommend sharing your top priorities, tasks, projects, and calendar events here.

  3. What happened — What did you get done last week? What progress have you made recently?

  4. Connect with the group — You and the group will be asked a team-building question about communication styles, superpowers, or celebrating success.

Q: Who is Craig Paxson?

My name is Craig Paxson, and when I was CEO of an $8MM business, I learned a lot about strategy, execution, and leadership. After guiding the company to a successful merger, I decided my mission would be to pass that knowledge on to other business owners. Like many people who want a valuable business that doesn’t depend on them, I enrolled in every course, read every book, and tried every crazy business success program. I quickly realized that most of the material only teaches one small part of the puzzle…

Why didn’t anyone teach the complete solution!?!

Finally, I could piece together all the different things that worked (and tossed out what didn’t work), and I started seeing a transformation in my business success. And others could see it too. Other business owners, entrepreneurs, and visionaries started approaching me, asking how they could get the same results for their business!

This led me to distill all my lessons learned into a signature program – the COMPLETE step-by-step program people like you are using to accomplish their business goals.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting or have already been on this journey for a while… This works! … It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have been on this journey for a while… I’ve proven that this program works.

Q: How is this different from other things I have tried?

Great question! If you’re reading this right now, there’s about a 99% chance you’ve spent more than a fair amount of time and money trying to reach your business success goals.

There’s little doubt that you’ve probably clicked on countless ads, consumed more than a healthy dose of blogs or videos, and purchased more than a few courses – all from self-proclaimed experts and gurus who say they can help you have a valuable business that doesn’t depend on them overnight.

If you’re like most of my clients, you may have even invested a hefty amount in coaches, courses, and other business success products… But you’re here because you’re most likely still struggling with a lack of business knowledge, competitive strategy, and leadership ability…

Am I right?

Well, here’s why: You’re likely not following a complete system or roadmap for doing ALL OF THE THINGS required in the correct order to get your business success where you want it to be.

Instead of wasting your time in complete information overload, trying to duct tape together all the pieces required for success, the Visionary Velocity program provides a crystal-clear step-by-step pathway to reach your destination!

Q: Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course! Velocity is a quarterly subscription. You can cancel at any time.

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